Ok, How About A Lighter, Yet Still Incredibly Powerful Version of PushPrime Pro?
Was It Something I Said?
Ok, maybe you feel that PushPrime Pro isn’t for you right now.

I personally think you’re missing out on a great opportunity, but I still want you to experience the amazing power that PushPrime Pro has to offer.

That’s why I’d like to give you a lighter version of PushPrime pro, but still incredibly powerful to use. 
So Here’s The Deal:
PushPrime Premium Has Everything PushPrime Pro Has, Except…
The Remote API option and the special bonuses. That’s the only exception. Everything else is still included. And in case you forgot, here’s a quick recap again of what you’re getting when you upgrade to PushPrime Premium:
Recurring Notifications
So you can remind users about any action you wanted them to take. This is great for a product you’re selling and if the user didn’t complete the purchase. Just a simple push notification sent on a recurring basis can increase your conversions and bottom line.
Drip Notifications
So you can send out push notifications in sequential order at a specified schedule. This turns PushPrime into a push notification autoresponder! Now you can create your entire campaign, load it up, and let PushPrime Pro do the rest on autopilot!
Rich Notifications
Grab your viewer’s attention in a big way by adding your own .png graphics to “ride along” with your push notifications. They display right below your notification, perfect for ads, graphic coupons, even pictures of you, your support staff, etc.
So you can send push notifications with any updates you may have from any websites or other feeds you may own. Use this when you publish a new blog post for instant traffic or even when you post to any of your social media platforms that support rss. 
Dual CTA Buttons
So you can give users a choice in your marketing messages. Great for when you’re running a survey or even if you’re running different pricing tiers for a particular product or service.
A/B Testing
So you can see which type of notification works best in certain scenarios. Send different tests to different sets of users to see which push notification brings the best results.
Native Opt-in
So you can have your users subscribe to your important push notifications without the need to go through the PushPrime servers if you so choose.
Lingual Targeting
So you can deliver your message in any language. While there are a lot of English speaking users online, PushPrime Pro will allow you to tap into different cultures with different languages that you can exploit for more profit. The world is your oyster!
Sub-Admins Access
Use this for when you want to give access to another user such as a virtual assistant or just outsourcing in general. This way you can allow someone else to handle the tasks of using PushPrime Pro without giving them full clearance.
So you can divide your users into different categories such as niche, market, etc. Great for when you’re dominating multiple markets and need to send push notifications to each and every niche you’re involved in.
Remote API
So you can use the power of PushPrime Pro in your own applications. Just create your application, plug into the PushPrime Pro API and you’re good to go.
Subscribers Export
So you can manage your users in other software as you see fit. PushPrime Pro makes it easy to export every subscriber to your notifications with a click of a button.
Custom Data
Capture items like name, shopping cart ID, etc. so you can really make PushPrime Pro’s notifications work for you in shopping cart recovery, custom notifications, and more. Wait until you see the possibilities for this.
Special Exclusive Geo Targeted Offers
With any type of list you have, segmentation is key. Thankfully, segmentation isn’t a problem for Push Prime Pro, nor is geo targeting.
If you want to target a certain group in a certain region, just load up your message and press send. Traveling to a certain area and want to do an exclusive live event? Load up your message in Push Prime, set the targeting and press send.

The possibilities are absolutely endless! 
The Guarantee Still Stands, Ok?
Listen, I believe that PushPrime is the top push notification platform on the market and will give you the most value for your buck.

But in the rare case that you don’t agree after 30 days of upgrading to PushPrime Pro, just shoot over a quick email and we’ll make sure you get refunded quickly without question.

So there’s absolutely no way you can lose. 
Go Ahead and Get Access Now!
To upgrade to PushPrime Premium:

Step 01

Use the button below to upgrade now
When you do, you’ll be taken to a secure order page where all of your information will be 100% encrypted.

Step 02

Enter your details, go ahead and then complete your order
After you’re done, we’ll make sure to help you get all squared away with getting setup with PushPrime Premium.
And don’t worry if you get stuck.
Between the awesome training and incredible support we offer, we’ll have you up and running in absolutely no time.
So Go Ahead And Use The Button Below Now And I’ll See You On The Inside
PushPrime Premium
regular price
  • All Features Of PushPrime PLUS
  • Recurring Notifications
  • Drip Notifications
  • Rich Notifications
  • RSS-to-Push
  • Dual CTA Buttons
  • A/B Testing
  • Native Opt-in
  • Lingual Targeting
  • Sub-Admins Access
  • Segmentation
  • Subscribers Export
  • Custom Data
  • Special Exclusive Geo Targeted Offers
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